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Our clinic is equipped with 11 offices and the latest medical recovery technologies, designed for your health and that of your family.

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Therapeutic massage on the body

The principle of action of therapeutic massage is to mobilize soft tissues such as muscles, fascia and body fluids, being detoxifying and soothing the pain caused by migraines. It is also very useful in the medical recovery process.

In our clinic, we pursue several main goals when practicing therapy on patients: stimulating blood and lymph circulation, reducing muscle cramps and increasing joint mobility.

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Applicability and recommendations

Soft tissue damage to the body surface

These, in most cases, untreated in time and / or treated incorrectly medically, will leave consequences and will delay or prevent the resumption of a normal way of life.

Muscle and tendon injuries, stretches, tears, contusions

Therapeutic massage addresses a wide range of ailments that reduce the chances of movement, and when practiced correctly, will prevent the appearance of sequelae much more difficult to recover later.

Bone, joint or peripheral nerve damage

Massage therapy successfully intervenes in recovery from injuries (fractures, sprains, dislocations, meniscus injuries, etc.).

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Differences and similarities

Therapeutic massage versus relaxation massage

There are several major differences between the two types of massage. The first and greatest difference derives from their very names.
  1. Therapeutic massage aims to eliminate / reduce a condition; it is channeled from the beginning to an area or part of the body.
  2. The relaxation massage is addressed to those who want to obtain a general state of relaxation. It must be said, however, that both procedures have a comforting effect, through muscle relaxation obtained from two different techniques.
  3. Another difference is the means and technique used in the two types of massage, being completely different, due to the purpose.
  4. The qualification of a therapist in a medical recovery clinic is completely different from that of a masseur. While a relaxing masseur aims to restore good mood and relaxation, a therapeutic massage acts directly on the pathology.
Our therapists have taken numerous courses and specializations with specific goals for medical recovery, and their professional attributes allow them to successfully contribute to improving the health of patients.
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Burns or open wounds;
Rheumatoid arthritis or advanced osteoporosis;
Blood clots;
Different forms of cancer.
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