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Our clinic is equipped with 11 offices and the latest medical recovery technologies, designed for your health and that of your family.

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We study the attitude and positions of the body in motion and in statics.

Postural analysis records the way in which the pressure is distributed on both lower limbs, in a static and dynamic state (gait and stability of the patient). After testing with software, we can make custom planter supports.

We manage to produce a “reset of the computer” (brain), so that the patient regains his perfect postural balance, by correcting the position, removing the painful symptoms, by optimizing the pressure exerted by the feet on the ground.

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The necessary situations


We can prevent trauma and posture that occur from childhood, due to incorrect posture in daily activities at home, school or kindergarten, due to sudden increase in height and in adults, due to vicious positions in professional activities or sedentarism, etc.


It treats pain (back, knee, headache, etc.), restores orthostatic balance and corrects postural imbalances, which have a direct impact on various bodily ailments.


People who practice performance sports can prevent possible injuries due to vicious positions and can improve their sports performance with the help of Posturology.

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Plantar supports - the innovative and non-invasive solution
The plantings are flexible, customized for each patient and are small in size so that they can be used in any daily activity. The manufacturing material is of high quality, washable, odorless, antiperspirant and anti-allergic. A good posture is represented by the state of muscular and skeletal balance, which protects the supporting structures of the body against injuries or progressive deformities.

Performed on time, therapeutic intervention prevents
  • Occurrence of muscle and joint pain;
  • Installation of joint diseases;
  • Overuse of the joints, which have as a consequence their deterioration;
  • Reduced ability to move;
  • Respiratory and heart problems.
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