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Manual Therapy

for musculoskeletal and spinal problems

Manual therapy helps to correct biomechanical disorders that affect body position, blood circulation and muscle tone. In the daily practice of our medical center, the approach in manual therapy is interdisciplinary.

Treatment includes posture exercises, manual adjustment techniques, therapeutic massage, ozone injections and a proper and personalized nutrition program. Throughout this process, the therapist collaborates with the specialist in medical recovery, with the physiotherapist and with the masseur.

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Manual therapy


Manual therapy is used successfully in conditions such as: low back pain, lumbosciatica, herniated disc, spondylitis, arthritis etc.. When the vertebrae are no longer aligned (have displacements), they begin to put pressure on the nerves, the phenomenon is also called subluxation, which from a medical point of view has been defined as „a partially abnormal separation of the joint surfaces of the joints”.

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The therapist's goal

The therapist’s goal is to reduce subluxations in order to increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and improve the function on which it focuses on. At the level of the spine, it aligns the vertebrae, by adjusting the spine so as to remove the pressure on the spinal nerves. The therapist uses manual adjustment techniques to improve locomotor function and to relieve pain. The advantage of this approach is that we can apply personalized treatments to each patient.
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  • Acute tumors and diseases;
  • Recent fractures and surgery;
  • Bone infections.
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