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It studies the neuromuscular and articular mechanisms that ensure a normal level of motor activities

It is a movement therapy, which is based on performing specific exercises, using a set of techniques and methods, customized according to the patient and the pathology he presents.

The purpose of Kinesiotherapy is to restore the diminished functions of patients, through well-structured and individualized medical recovery programs.

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Kinesiotherapy at Genki Medical Center


The main goals of our kinetic program are: increasing relaxation, correcting posture and postural alignment, increasing joint mobility, increasing tone, muscle strength and endurance, increasing coordination, balance and overall body control.

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The necessary situations

  • Degenerative diseases and neurological disorders;

  • Sprains, joint dislocations, fractures;

  • Spinal disorders;

  • Postural and dynamic disorders.

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Did you know that?

In ancient times, ‘patients’ did postural exercises, sword fights, throwing spears or discs, jumping and swimming, running and throwing stones? Hippocrates was one of the first physicians to study gymnastics and its effects, demonstrating the relationship between diet and exercise and their benefits on the body. He believed that breathing, central nervous system activity, metabolism and blood circulation are strongly influenced by exercise.
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