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Genki Medical Center îți pune la dispoziție tehnologiile și tratamentele necesare pentru ca tu să îți poți relua activitatea zilnică, la un alt nivel de confort!

Îmbunătățim calitatea vieții

Viața merită confort

Chiar și în lipsa afecțiunilor, calitatea vieții poate fi mereu îmbunătățită, pentru ca aceasta să fie pe deplin trăită, prin gândire pozitivă și un corp sănătos.

Genki Medical Center

Physical Medicine &
Medical recovery

With a holistic approach to patients, we offer 11 medical offices equipped with the latest medical recovery technologies, over 50 treatments, but also professionalism and confidence.
Genki Medical Center

The Genki team

We work in a multidisciplinary team, put the patient at the center of it and over time, this approach allows us to customize the treatments offered to our patients.
Genki Medical Center

What makes the difference

Our values and working methods are two of the main elements that differentiate us in the field of medical physical recovery and therapies.


Interdisciplinary teams allow the personalization of patients’ treatments.


We raise the standards through the desire to develop and innovate treatments.


For the health, time, desires and right to privacy of each patient.


We understand the suffering of our patients and the impact these have on their lives.

Your path to healing

Our services

Discover the range of Genki Medical Center services and start your own unique path to self-knowledge of the body, healing and prevention, so that life can be lived, not just received.

Physiotherapy and balneology

Arthrosis-degenerative, post-traumatic and neurological pathologies.


Physical Therapy

Pathologies related to neuromuscular and articular mechanisms.


Manual therapy

Musculoskeletal and spinal pathologies.



Pathologies related to static and moving body position.


Low frequency laser therapy

Used in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and conditions.



Used in maintaining physical health and quality of daily life.


Plasma therapy

Provides the necessary synergy for physical recovery processes.


Su Jok

Treatment used to treat a wide range of pathologies.


Therapeutic message

Used in physical relaxation and treating various bodily injuries.



Used in detoxifying the body of toxic deposits.

About health and vitality

Read our blog and find the most natural ways to maintain and increase your health.
Your path to healing

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Because we want to be closer to you and teach you how to take care of your health and that of your family, we are now on Instagram so that you know exactly what to do and what therapies to use when needed!


There is no greater satisfaction than when our patients resume their daily activities, much healthier and stronger physically and mentally!
Genki Medical Center


If you have any questions about the services we offer or our clinic, we are waiting for your message via the button below!
Genki Medical Center


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